Q: Topless Tuesday?!

There will be more soon :)

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Q: You're absolutely stunning, i would love to do dirty things to you <3

Thanks chicken x

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Q: Love the piercings! Getting anymore tattoos?

Im definitely getting more and thanks boo! :)

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Q: you are fucking perfect jesus christ.

Thats sweet of you :)

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It doesn’t matter if you’re pretty


or plain,




or short,


or have things all over your face, 


because what truly matters is 


what’s inside you.

this is actually the most meaningful and thoughtful post i have ever seen on tumblr

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Wow she slept with ten different guys that is so 

not my place to judge because a woman can do whatever she wants and sleep with whoever she wants because it doesn’t affect me.

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Q: hi chelsea i was wondering if you will do a fansign or submit a few pictures?

Sure i’ll do it as soon as i can :)

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Q: Heyy

Hi :)

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It’s annoying because all my pictures are taken on an iPhone but come out looking blurred and pixelated. Waaa :(
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